Picking Up The Pace!


Today marks the 11-month anniversary of when Hurricane Ian changed the lives of those on Sanibel Island forever.  The size and scope of the storm were unprecedented.  With 155 mph winds and up to a 12-foot storm surge, the island was left unrecognizable.

It has been a long road back — filled with an extensive list of hurdles from insurance companies,  » Read more

Coastal Watch


Count our friends at the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation among some of our favorite heroes!  Since their conception more than 50 years ago, they’ve been at the forefront of every important environmental initiative for our islands, helping to protect wildlife, restore native habitats, monitor water quality and advocate for our ecosystems.

One part of the SCCF family, Coastal Watch, promotes healthier, greener ways of interacting with our coastal environment through volunteer grassroots efforts —  » Read more

Strength, Compassion and Hope

Photo by Ocean’s Reach guest Nicky Vincent


Our hearts go out to all those affected by the recent devastating wildfires on Maui.  It can be difficult to comprehend both how much was lost, as well as the grief and anguish left behind from such an unprecedented disaster. 

As the Sanibel Island community and our own Ocean’s Reach “ohana”  » Read more

Our New Ambassadors

Wallace and Gromit; photo by CROW


At the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, there’s a bunch of wonderful folks who truly give a hoot about our wildlife.

In fact, CROW welcomed two new Animal Ambassadors this week:  Eastern screech owls Wallace and Gromit.

Both animals have been deemed non-releasable due to the injuries they sustained,  » Read more

The Heart of Our Island

The “Playful Discoveries with Acrylics” Workshop with Sissi Janku

is just one of many wonderful 2023-2024 BIG ARTS Workshop classes recently announced!


BIG ARTS has been the heart of our island for more than four decades.

The Barrier Island Group for the Arts was created in 1979 by a small group of dedicated artists who wanted to capture the joy,  » Read more

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