A Lizard’s Life

A visit to Sanibel is not complete without a chase encounter of the anole lizard. Catch one if you can! These 3 – 6 inch creatures are voracious eaters of small insects and the lizards are, themselves, a food source for snakes, small animals and birds. They can evade their predators with their quick scurry, chameleon color and agility.

The green anole is native to our American southeast but the invasive Cuban brown anole has replaced much of the green anole population,  » Read more

Do Not Try This at Home!

Photo from Mon.Chu.Chu.

The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel make for ideal parasailing adventures with unbeatable views from high above the Gulf of Mexico.

We must admit, though, that this is taking high-flying thrill-seeking to a whole new level. Experienced parasailing professionals are shown hanging upside down from their chute.

Please note that we most certainly would not recommend this technique,  » Read more

Smiling Faces

We love smiling faces! Our Guest Services team always enjoys welcoming you to Ocean’s Reach and exchanging smiles.

So welcome aboard, Abigail and Madeline and”Bud”! Your smiles are our delight and we thank you for your visit!  » Read more

Rain or Shine

Ahh! Even a foggy, misty day on the Sanibel shore does not deter our determined beach goers. They love the beach, rain or shine! 

Veteran fishermen and shellers anticipate full nets from the light storms we’ve recently experienced. And our tropical gardens are overflowing with full blooms for all to enjoy.  » Read more

A Royal Welcome

Before you ask, the answer is “Royal Poinciana.” Can you now guess what the most frequently asked question is of our staff while this tree is in full bloom?

The royal poinciana is one of the most flamboyant trees in the world and we are fortunate to have it in full bloom to greet our summer guests. Its grandiose canopy provides both shade and an explosive flame color for Ocean’s Reach shell collectors as they use our shelling station.  » Read more

Our First Nest of the Season!

We’re so excited! A large nesting site was discovered last week on the Ocean’s Reach beach. It’s our first one this season and we can hardly wait to see the progress, from the staking of the site to the hatching and crawling of the babies out to sea!

We will keep you updated. Can you tell we are glowing with anticipation?  » Read more

Laser Sharp

The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium (CNCP) will host its classic laser light show this upcoming weekend, June 23 through June 25. Evening showings are planned for 7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Cost is $10 per show. Each show averages 40 minutes.

Laser light shows have been a popular attraction for many years at the popular Fort Myers attraction, located at 3450 Ortiz Avenue.  » Read more

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