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Planting for the Future


Now that our new interiors are underway at Ocean’s Reach, it’s time to focus on bringing back our outdoor beautification!

As you may know, Andy has done a remarkable job through the years ensuring that the grounds and landscaping at Ocean’s Reach were some of the loveliest on Sanibel Island.

Over the past year, he has worked eagerly with both our landscaper and the City of Sanibel’s natural resources department to develop a plan that’s not only in keeping with our goal of bringing back Ocean’s Reach “better than ever,” but a plan that also has a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, as well.

The photos above show our initial rollout.  We have removed most of what was left of our sea grape trees, which needed to be trimmed three times a year as they easily grew 15 feet in height each year.

They’ve been replaced with an assortment of native dune plants — Sea Oxeye Daisies, Beach Morning Glory, Seaside Goldenrod, Sand Cordgrass, Sea Lavender, Bay Cedar and Sea Oats — that will provide a much deeper root system for better protection against beach erosion during storms and high tides than the shallow-rooted sea grapes.

“What a wonderful change,” said Andy.  “First-floor guests will be delighted with their ‘new’ view!”



13 thoughts on “Planting for the Future

  1. I just cant wait to see you all, to come back to my favorite place, I’ve been struggling not coming for 2 years, it’s my Happy place, my relax place, I have been coming to Oceans Reach for 30 years I just miss you all.

  2. We can’t wait to come back. Miss our times in Sanibel and staying with you all. Tom and Glenda. Addington.

    1. WOWZA!!!! Looking great – and especially that supervisor in the hard hat!!
      Could that be our Lisa??????
      Can’t wait to put our feet back in that sand at Oceans Reach!!
      Kudos to our man Andy!!!

      Penny, Faye and Andy

  3. Love, love, love all that is happening at Oceans Reach. Can not wait to get back to our favorite place to vacation. The plantings look so good already and bring a fresh look to the beaches. Thank you to everyone at OR for working so hard to help get us back to our paradise.

  4. This is going to be amazing. Can’t wait!
    My sister and I always came to Oceans Reach for family time.

    Feeling excited.

  5. We look forward to the updates you send. We are excited for each step forward which brings us closer to coming back to our happy place. We just can’t wait!

  6. Andy, Thanks so much for all you’re doing. Look forward so much to seeing you next February. Jon and Abby Levine

  7. I’m so happy to see this! Thanks for all your hard work. I can’t wait to be able to return to my happy place!

  8. I’m sure it will be beautiful! Can’t wait to get back to Oceans Reach. No other place is like it. We’ve missed it so much!

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