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Otterly Adorable

Otter holding a seashell

Photo from Ocean Conservancy


Here’s something we think you otter check out!

Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs will soon be launching their own Otter Grotto.

The $250,000 otter exhibit will feature a clear acrylic tunnel and a play-cave for children to explore, while otters play and swim around guests.  Clear viewing domes will allow children and adults to interact with the otters through the cave-walls.  The cave will be wheelchair accessible.

Current plans call for an October opening.

Wonder Gardens opened in 1936 as an Old Florida roadside attraction and was a popular stop for travelers making their way from Tampa to Miami along Old 41.  Now, 85 years later, it welcomes about 75,000 visitors annually.

For more information, call 239-992-2591 or visit  And needless to say, you otter make sure you book your reservation soon to Ocean’s Reach!


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