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Cute as a Bug!

1979 Volkswagen Beetle 1

1979 Volkswagen Beetle 2

It’s not everyday that one of our guests gets to climb into the driver’s seat of an “Only-on-Sanibel” signature vehicle.

The proud new owner of this colorful 1979 Volkswagen Beetle came by to show us her new “baby” and graciously offered these ladies from Switzerland a unique photo opportunity.

It’s an icon of the Age of Aquarius and the marvel of many pre-and post-Aquarians—the love bug! Our friend, Heidi, drove up to Ocean’s Reach in her new VW 1979 Beetle, causing quite a stir among our guests and staff. For some, it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane from the 1970s. Others, it was a groovy vintage convertible symbolic of their idyllic beach vacation on Sanibel.

From top to bottom and all around, this Volkswagen Beetle is painted an eye-popping beach theme and includes a tropically designed surfboard in the back seat, peace medallion hanging from the rear view mirror and even sports a 3D sea turtle on the front left bumper.

For all the flower children out there, this bug’s for you!

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