Dolphin Days #3

Photo by Debra McGuire


More delightful dolphin facts, courtesy of USA Today.  Did you know:

8. Our genomes are virtually the same.

Veterinarians at Texas A&M University compared the chromosome makeup of humans and dolphins and found that we are surprisingly alike. David Busbee, a veterinarian from Texas A&M, said the genomes of humans and dolphins were virtually the same.  » Read more

Dolphin Days #2

Photo by Vincent LeColley


Courtesy of USA Today, we’re continuing our list of surprising similarities between humans and dolphins.  Did you know:

4. Some live in small groups.

The size of the pod varies, but most groups are between two and 30 members. In areas where there is plenty of food,  » Read more

Dolphin Days #1

Photo by Andrea Izzotti


Forget about Shark Week!  We’d rather highlight a delightful creature closer to home.  So many of our guests fall in love with our bottlenose dolphin, and it’s easy to understand why.

We thought it would be fun to re-run our series detailing surprising similarities between humans and dolphins, based on interesting information found in USA Today and on  » Read more

Wonderful Clouds


As they say, a cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day in the office!

Thanks so much to longtime guest Kathie B. from Oxford, OH for sharing why Mother Nature is so magnificent, no matter what her attitude on any given day.

She writes:  “We just completed our week at Ocean’s Reach … We’ll be back with our families,  » Read more

Reel In Some Fun!


“Good things come to those who bait.”

As any serious angler will tell you, the Gulf of Mexico is a saltwater fishing paradise.  Hundreds of miles of coastline interspersed with hidden alcoves, fertile estuaries and spacious, open flats make it easy to find your own private spot where you can cast the day away.

Our friends at The Beaches of Fort Myers &  » Read more

Grub on the Go … Continued!

Photo by Chelle Koster Walton


Celebration Park Naples is a unique “food truck park” right by the water, offering plenty of outdoor seating options to relax, kick back, and enjoy the wonderful SW FL weather.

It features eight food trucks, so you’re bound to find something for everyone.  It also has a covered tiki bar where you can listen to live music and enjoy some great entertainment,  » Read more

Grub on the Go


In Southwest Florida, the food truck craze started more than a decade ago, when Fort Myers chef Scott Sopher ventured to take his talent on the road. His mobile operation, the Nosh Truck, became an overnight success and soon other tasty truck fare started popping up at area farmer’s markets, parks and nightspots.

Downtown Fort Myers now hosts an annual “Food Truck Wars,” and our destination was featured in “The Great Food Truck Race”  » Read more

And He’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun!

Mike, our new maintenance manager, gets the lowdown on Charlie’s new car!


Guess who surprised us by stopping by last week to show us his new baby?

Charlie decided to put some “vroom vroom vroom” in his retirement … by buying a classic 1968 “Fathom Blue” Chevy Malibu!

Both car and owner looked wonderful, and it was a treat to see each of them.   » Read more

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