A Brush with History


From our friends at the Island Reporter:

What happens when you take 120 years’ worth of archival photos of Sanibel and Captiva and use them as inspiration for local artists?  A fresh and fascinating new exhibit called “A Brush with History.”

On display at the Sanibel Public Library for the month of February,  » Read more

175 Candles


It’s almost time for Thomas Edison’s 175th birthday celebration!

This Friday, February 11, head on over to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates for cake and festivities, including singing, dancing and other performances by local schoolchildren.

The party will be sponsored in part by the Edison Pageant of Light, the organization founded in 1938 to memorialize Thomas Edison and honor his achievements and contributions in Fort Myers.  » Read more

Oh, Mama!

Photo by Scientific American


We love seeing Mama and Baby Manatee together!

The relationship between a mother and baby is the strongest social bond created by manatees.

Female manatees typically give birth every two to five years.  A mother manatee will carry her baby for about 12 months before it is born.

A baby manatee — called a calf —  » Read more

More Manatee Love

Photo from TravelAwaits.com


More manatee love today!

Did you know?


  • It wasn’t unsual for sailors from long ago to mistake manatees for mermaids!  The scientific name for the zoological order manatees belong to, Sirenia, comes from the word “siren,” a sea creature from Greek mythology whose beautiful songs lured sailors to shipwreck. 
  •  » Read more

Manatee Manners


Winter is a wonderful time to view manatees in Florida, especially through a “Swimming with the Manatees” experience.  If you go, remember these basic Manatee Manners that will help to safeguard this protected species while allowing you to enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Manatee Manner #1:   Practice passive observation – Look, but don’t touch.
The practice of “passive observation” or quietly observing manatees is a great way to see their natural behavior and avoid disturbing them.   » Read more

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