“The Roost”


Thanks to our friends at “Ding” Darling for this info!

Final designs are in the works for a new $1 million-plus project that will greet visitors to “Ding” Darling with outdoor flex space for a broad spectrum of educational purposes.  The DDWS plans to break ground on The Roost – an accessible, inclusive, safe, and welcoming pavilion adjacent to the entrance ramp to the “Ding” Darling Visitor &  » Read more

Weaving Sticks Into Art


For nearly three decades, 76-year-old environmental artist Patrick Dougherty has built amazing structural designs out of something as simple as sticks.

You’re invited to see his latest “Stickwork” installation — entitled “Sea Change” — at the Naples Botanical Garden, where Dougherty, his son and nearly 100 volunteers transformed more than 30,000 pounds of willow saplings into a 70-foot-long immersive structure that will be on display through the rest of the year.  » Read more

Cooking with Love


Renowned chocolatier Norman Love and his award-winning culinary team at Norman Love Confections will be offering a delectable lineup of chocolate classes this spring and summer for a hands-on chocolate lovers’ experience.

Ideal for individuals and groups of friends looking for a unique social experience, “Cooking with Love” features 10 classes centered on artisan chocolates in which guests will learn the best techniques for creating delicious chocolate confections and more.  » Read more

Sanibel Heritage Trail


There’s so much that sets Sanibel Island apart from other communities.  Visitors can learn for themselves by following the Sanibel Heritage Trail as they meander along the island’s miles and miles of bike paths.

The concept for the Heritage Trail has been described as an “outdoor museum,” where 22 interpretive panels located throughout the island describe the history of Sanibel.

The panels cover such diverse topics as: Agriculture,  » Read more

Horses of the Sea

Photo by Amir Abramovich


Aah, true romance.  When seahorses find a mate, they wrap their tails around each other so that the tide doesn’t drift them apart.

Other fun facts about the seahorse:

  • Every morning, seahorse couples greet each other with a unique “dance” where they’ll promenade and pirouette together, sometimes changing colors. They engage in these daily intricate,
  •  » Read more

Turtle Time


An article on “The Effects of Light Pollution on Sea Turtle Nesting” provided by our friends at C.R.O.W. (the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) …


Approximately 90 percent of sea turtle nesting in the United States happens on Florida’s beaches, according to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

The most common nests in Southwest Florida are that of the Loggerhead.   » Read more



When we think of iconic restaurants in Southwest Florida, the ever-popular Bubble Room easily comes to mind.

This eccentric eatery is a must-try for fans of the over-the-top, kitschy fun of roadside attractions of yesteryear.  Every inch of this three-story restaurant is covered with items to capture your imagination, from incredible antiques, silver screen memorabilia, Christmas decor (year-round), and moving toy trains.  Last year, the Bubble Scouts added the dessert extravaganza shop Boops,  » Read more

SW Florida’s Newest Venue


The much anticipated Caloosa Sound Amphitheater in downtown Fort Myers has opened!

The new venue extends across the eastern side of Centennial Park, near the popular “Uncommon Friends” statue, nestled between the new Luminary Hotel and the Caloosahatchee River.  The $3.54 million project will be used for a number of entertainment events.  The venue capacity is 2,500-3,000 people, surpassing other mid-sized Southwest Florida facilities.  » Read more

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