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Friends Are Like Seashells …

“Friends are like seashells we collect along the way.”


Many of our Ocean’s Reach guests have stopped by to say ‘hello’ while we continue our rebuilding work here in “repairadise.”

We love that they’ve come to visit the many businesses throughout the island that have worked hard to re-open and who very much appreciate the support.  We hope to be able to let you know of our own re-opening plans within the next month or so.  We can’t wait to be able to welcome you back to your favorite beach destination!

As our local chamber of commerce likes to say, we may not be perfect … yet … but we still consider Sanibel Island to be our own special brand of paradise.  Just as we consider many of our guests to be our own special group of friends.  And just like seashells, we’ve been so fortunate to collect them along the way, and look forward to being able to do so again soon!

7 thoughts on “Friends Are Like Seashells …

  1. We’ll be on island in March. Can’t wait to stop and say hello! Prayers for all of you and you continue to labor – just for us your ‘seashells’. Thank you!

  2. We dropped by in December while biking throughout the island and were so encouraged to see the amazing progress being made!

  3. We cannot wait to hear from you. It is so wonderful that you are that close to being able to have welcome us back. Can’t wait to see you all again. Thank you for all you do to make Oceans Reach so special.

  4. Just so glad that things are coming together. I know the staff are right in the thick of things to help make everything happen.

  5. Last week, our family drove over from our Ft. Lauderdale vacation to check out Ocean’s Reach and to “reconnect” with Sanibel.

    The island is resilient, and we renewed our commitment to coming back as soon as possible. Thank you for all you are doing to rebuild while sending out the positive news of progress. All our best.

  6. We were by in May of 2023. We cannot wait til you are back. This is such a special place no where else can match it….and we need a vacation😎

  7. Can’t wait to come back to Oceans Reach when you are ready for us. It was my dad’s favorite place. My daughter was 4 when we started coming with my dad. 3 generations came to Oceans Reach looking forward to making more memories.

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