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Introducing A Second Locale


Sharing news from the Santiva Chronicle – Excerpt of article written by Reese Holiday:

The Blue Giraffe restaurant recently opened a second location at the Sanibel Island Golf Club in Beachview Estates, just around a few corners from Ocean’s Reach.

Blue Giraffe is owned by Bill Letendre and his son Geoffrey. The Letendre’s took over the original location at Periwinkle Place Shopping Center in 2016 and have been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to Sanibel residents and visitors since.

Unlike its original location, the new Blue Giraffe is offering a clubhouse membership to create a unique dining experience. Blue Giraffe clubhouse members have access to pool tables, shuffleboards, a television viewing area and more in an adult-only entertainment area, as well as receive special food and beverage prices.

Blue Giraffe clubhouse members are also able to make reservations online for the private dining room. This membership is separate from the golf club and the main dining area of the restaurant is open to the public.

In terms of any menu changes, Restaurant Manager Brad MacKenzie said the basic menu will be the same, but breakfast won’t be served at the new location. Items like their signature burgers, fresh seafood and salads will be served at the new Blue Giraffe, but exclusive specials will be offered that can’t be found at the original restaurant.

“The basic menu will be similar, but the new Blue Giraffe will have extensive specials, up-scale entrées and other specials that aren’t available at the original Blue Giraffe,” MacKenzie said.

By opening their second location, MacKenzie said the Blue Giraffe hopes to extend their family to new customers, such as they did earlier this year when they participated in the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife’s major annual fundraiser and the always-popular food festival Taste of the Islands.

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