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Allen’s Awesome Anhingas


Thanks so much to longtime guest, Allen S. from Memphis, TN, who sent us some really amazing images he captured of Anhingas during his most recent visit to Ocean’s Reach.

He writes:

My wife and I visited Ocean’s Reach for two weeks in February.  I am a wildlife photographer and one of the ladies in the rental office told me about Pond Apple Park Trail.  I went there on a few afternoons and thought I would share some of the photos I took.  The anhingas I found there were really entertaining as well as the other birds.  The hospitality at Ocean’s Reach is always outstanding and our trip in February was no exception.  Thanks so much!

Bonus Fun Fact:

The word “Anhinga” comes from the Tupi tribe who first settled in the Amazon rainforest.  It means “Snakebird.”  As an Anhinga swims through the water, you can see how just its serpentine neck and head stick out above the surface, so it’s very aptly named!

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