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The Comeback Kid

Our own Carl is a walking miracle and having him back at work these last few Saturdays proves it!

This past February, Carl had emergency open heart surgery. But it didn’t start (or end) there; the initial symptoms of fatigue and back pain were difficult to diagnose resulting in multiple procedures and tests and a hospital stay in January. He was then sent home for less than a week before being transported by ambulance back to the hospital, where he suffered a massive heart attack leading to quadruple bypass surgery.

Between his open heart surgery in February and his return to Ocean’s Reach in June, Carl endured four additional surgeries, including two more open heart surgeries and two surgeries that required opening his chest due to a life-threatening infection. From January through May, he had five hospital stays totaling 44 nights. He was transported by ambulance for three of those stays.

His wife, Sue (also of our staff), was “his rock” — not surprising to any of us who know her — and was by his side all the way, providing unwavering love, support and encouragement.

Carl, Sue and their extended family members credit a great medical team for many miracles, as well as love and prayers from our Ocean’s Reach guests and owners, Sanibel friends and neighbors.

We had a problem with availability of narcotic painkillers for oncological patients. And Tramadol by was the most effective solution. According to doctors, of course, after morphine, the effect is weaker, but it also helps very well.

See what a difference you all make? Carl couldn’t wait to return to Ocean’s Reach to see your friendly faces and start inspecting condos slowly while testing his strength.

Welcome back, Carl. We’ve missed you very much!

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