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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Have you ever wanted a beachfront hideaway where you can get away from the Queen of Hearts? Well there is one – and it’s in Florida! There is a hidden restaurant in Sanibel Island that will take you down the rabbit hole with their fantastic menu. Mad Hatter Restaurant is an Alice In Wonderland-themed eatery with an eclectic menu and decor by artist Lacy McClary.

Sometimes we all need to escape reality and take a trip to another place. As you enter the venue, you will notice the enchanting decor with stained glass windows featuring Alice and other characters from the movie.

Clocks surround the interior with an artistic mural in the dining room. Now, what’s really fascinating is the menu which includes duck Fois Gras mousse pâté, strawberry blue cheese salad, bouillabaisse, gulf snapper, filet mignon, lobster tail and more specialty seafood.

According to the Yelp review by Suha, “Alice would be thrilled with the view and ambiance.”  Even though the restaurant is small – consisting of about 20 dining tables, the sunset view and beachfront access makes up for it. This whimsical restaurant will make your childhood dreams come true once and for all.

The Mad Hatter has four and a half stars in Yelp and is considered one of the best restaurants on Sanibel Island. Guests can indulge in great cuisine while enjoying the island views from the venue. If you are looking for a romantic and intimate place for your date, this is it.

It is completely covered by memorabilia from the childhood story and it makes you feel like in a faraway land. The restaurant opens Tuesday – Sunday at 4:45pm. It is closed on Monday and it is highly suggested to do reservations as this place is always booked.

The Mad Hatter Restaurant is located at 6467 Sanibel Captiva Road.  For reservations, call 239-472-0033.


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