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Gaining Ground … 13 Months Later


There’s nowhere better to feel sand between your toes than on the beaches of Sanibel Island.  Soon, those beaches will receive some much-needed renourishment, bringing us one step closer in our hurricane recovery efforts.

The City of Sanibel has reported that it has received authorizations for approximately $23 million in state and FEMA funding to renourish and strengthen the beaches and dunes impacted 13 months ago from Hurricane Ian.

The project will bring about 3,200 truckloads containing roughly 70,000 tons of sand to the coast of Sanibel Island, to be placed primarily between the mean-high water line and the existing dune vegetation line to fill gullies that formed as the storm surge receded.

Starting November 15, beach renourishment will commence on each end of the island and work toward the middle.  We have three large scours in front of Ocean’s Reach, so this will be a welcomed improvement indeed.

Once completed in February 2024, predictions are that the beach profile will be close to pre-hurricane beach conditions.

Meanwhile, a tremendous amount of work continues at Ocean’s Reach!  Andy reports that the new roofs for all four complex buildings have been completed … a/c compressors have been installed … new windows and sliders have been installed, along with new front doors for ground floor units … new ductwork for all units is close to completion … initial “home run” lines for both internet and satellite TV have been installed … and the office has received its new roof.  We’re making significant gains each week!

We’ll continue to keep you updated on our status.  For more information on the island’s upcoming beach renourishment project, check out the video below!



6 thoughts on “Gaining Ground … 13 Months Later

  1. We pray for you guys everyday and we are so sorry what happened to you guys glad to see you making progress. Please let us know when you guys are ready for us we miss coming to oceans Reach we can’t wait to come back. Please keep your heads up we can’t imagine what you guys are going through just know we are all behind you and praying for you all everyday. ❤️🙏

  2. We are so happy to heard about Ocean’s Reach progress.
    Andy, you and your staff are truly Sanibel Strong.

  3. Can not wait to come back to your beautiful facility! We visited the last three years before the storm and had reservations for last year. We met so many nice folks who been going to Oceans Reach for 20+ years. Thank you for the progress report.

  4. We are so happy to hear about the beaches being renourished and all of the progress you are making with Oceans Reach. All of you are amazing and we cannot wait to hear that you are ready for us to return.

  5. Thank you for continuing the progress updates about Ocean’s Reach and Sanibel Island. We had reservations for this past spring. We are anxiously awaiting word that we can book once again. Ocean’s Reach is our happy place. the entire staff is so kind and friendly and we feel safe staying there. We have made wonderful memories at Ocean’s Reach. We hope to make many more in the future.

  6. Thank you for the updates that you are sending out. So happy to see the progress and can’t wait to return some day. We have been Sanibel visitors for almost 20 years, at Ocean’s Reach more than any where else. Thank you and stay Sanibel Strong!

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