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Good Things Come to Those Who Bait!

Many of our friends are “hooked” on fishing! We certainly can’t blame them, as the waters around Sanibel are ideal for casting a line.

Owner Bob. G. shared this photo of a recent fishing excursion in which he caught a nice-sized permit. Now Bob is too modest to mention it, but many anglers regard the permit as one of the most difficult gamefish to catch.

In “The Definitive Guide to Permit Fishing,” Joel Brothers writes:

“The elusive Permit has been called ‘the grey ghost of the flats,’ and has frustrated more anglers than possibly any other fish, anywhere in the world. Along with Tarpon and Bonefish, they comprise “The Big Three” of flats fishing. Permit fishing is the most difficult type of fishing you will ever do. With eyes of a hawk, unbelievable hearing, and a sense of smell that would make a bloodhound cry, Permit are definitely one of the most difficult fish to catch, fresh or salt water.”

Congratulations, Bob — Great catch!  

Of course, we’re talking about your wife, Judy, you lucky guy.  But the permit’s pretty nice, too.

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