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How to Count 64,000 Turtles

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On Sanibel Island, Mother Nature frequently takes our breath away.  Turns out she does the same halfway around the world, too.

In Australia, recent drone footage captured images of 64,000 green turtles coming ashore in Far North Queensland to lay eggs.

The green sea turtles are shown coming ashore on Raine Island, the world’s largest green sea turtle rookery located about 400 miles northwest of Cairns in the Great Barrier Reef.

Researchers used the drone footage as a new way of conducting population surveys of the turtles, as part of the Raine Island Recovery Project.

The footage showed up to 64,000 green sea turtles around the island waiting to come ashore on Raine Island and lay their clutches of eggs, almost twice as many turtles as previously believed.  Scientists said they are finding 1.73 times as many turtles with drones as they do compared to observer counts.

Click here to learn more about the interesting methods involved in counting the turtles.  To view the astonishing sight for yourself, watch the video below!


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