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I Spy a Shark Eye


Longtime guest Cathy S. from Schererville, IN had some great finds on her most recent visit to Ocean’s Reach, but perhaps our favorite was the ever-fascinating Shark Eye.

The shark eye, Neverita duplocatus, is in the family of predatory marine mollusks known as the Naticidae, or moon snails.  Close to three hundred species of these snails are found around the world.

Moon snails are carnivorous, spending most of their lives digging thru sand, searching for clams and smaller snails.  They’ll secrete an acid to soften their victim’s shell, and will then drill a hole with their “radula” (a toothy, tongue-like organ) to devour their prey.

For a fascinating post from the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum showing a live shark eye, click here!

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