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Just Eight?

Photo by David Hillegas

We ran across this article in Coastal Living, citing “8 Reasons We Love Sanibel Island.”  Personally, we can think of quite a few more, but we do love the list they came up with!

Written by Kara Corridan, the article starts…  

“The very act of arriving on Sanibel Island, off Florida’s southern Gulf coast, feels like a beautiful escape. The only way to get on the isle, 20 miles southwest of Fort Myers, is to drive across a three-mile causeway that is surrounded by a sparkling bay. The view from all sides is an expanse of water and blue sky—until the causeway narrows and you’re gradually funneled onto a two-lane country road. The speed limit goes down, the guardrails disappear, and the water makes way for pines and palm trees that stand tall enough to create a canopy shielding you from the rest of the world.”

To read the full article, click here.


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