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In The Year 2047 …


Do you enjoy gatherings at The Sanibel Community House?  If so, you might enjoy this!

Friends of The Community House are planning on building a time bench — instead of the usual time capsule — that the Sanibel community can enjoy until 2047.

The bench will be designed to be waterproof and sealed against the elements for 25 years.

Within the bench, there will be sealed boxes of various sizes, which will be opened and revealed to the public in 25 years.  The time bench boxes will be filled with cultural and educational treasures from the present and saved for future generations.

Friends of The Community House invite you to name this upcoming project.  You could win a large-size Sanibel time bench sealable box worth $150.

Send your ideas for naming the time bench to Allison Davis at [email protected].



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