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Nature Near You!

Photo from Sanibel Sea School


Sanibel Sea School also wants to do their part to keep kids engaged and lighten the burden of homeschooling for parents, and their education team is excited to announce Nature Near You.

Nature Near You will include hands-on, experiential education designed for backyards anywhere.  SX3 educators are busy putting together DIY nature-based crafts at home, lessons on new topics to be offered throughout the week, at-home science experiments, and fun new ways to explore your own backyard.

Nature Near You will come via email Monday, Wednesday, Friday with topics, such as biodiversity, food webs, senses, and focus on both terrestrial and marine biology.  They will also have a Creature Feature every Tuesday.

On Thursdays at noon (EDST), they will host a live session, Exploring with an Educator on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For more information, contact [email protected].  To add your name to the “Nature Near You” mailing list, click here!

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