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Beverly’s the Best!


Affectionately known as “Mom” by many of us, Beverly P. from Bangor ME is truly one of our Ocean’s Reach treasures.

She’s incredibly bright, witty and charming, and enjoys shelling every day she’s with us during season.

She’s quick to make a friend, and has many far and wide, as she’s ever happy sharing her beach and shelling experiences with those who have a similar passion for our “gifts from the sea.”

As Beverly always says, “There’s more on the beach than seashells!”

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be publishing a photo album of some her unique finds, featuring her very own commentary.  During these challenging times, we hope they will put a smile on your face … as we always smile thinking of Beverly!


4 thoughts on “Beverly’s the Best!

  1. We met Beverley on our first trip and look forward to see her each year. She is a walking encyclopedia on South Florida seashells.

  2. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Beverley : }
    We keep in touch and I am very blessed to have spent time with Beverley.
    Hope we are able to meet again soon.
    Love to her and her family.

    Stay well to all.

  3. We met Beverley for the first time in February when we stayed at Ocean’s Reach. Our family had told us about her knowledge of all the shells on the beach at Sanibel Island. They were right, she is amazing. Look forward to visiting with her on the beach next year.

  4. We first meet Beverly about four years ago on the beach one morning and on that meeting we learned that she is a very special and knowledgeable lady. We love she and her daughter dearly and are blessed to say they are friends.Look for her every morning on the beach and can’t wait until this coming fall to enjoy her smile and a simple hi , good morning! Our knowledge of shells today come from Beverly….

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