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Oh, Baby!


Last year, “Ding” Darling kicked off their inaugural Virtual Baby Bird Shower fundraiser as a way of providing support to the Refuge that we all know and love during a difficult time.

This year, there’s a sense of rebirth as conditions improve and we return back into the world.  You can say that our experience may parallel that of a newly hatched chick discovering the world around him.

With that in mind, the Ding Darling Society recently announced that the Baby Bird Shower is back, this time with a focus on the Refuge’s Black-necked Stilt chicks.

The species, a fan favorite, is most commonly found at the Bailey Tract.  They are one of our “snowbirds” that spend only part of the year on Sanibel.  Most notably known for their unique appearance — long pink legs with contrasting black and white plumage — the Black-necked Stilts put on quite a show with their striking appearance and quirky personality.

Click here to find out more about how you can make your own “baby” gift.  And since no baby shower is complete without fun baby-themed games, you’ll receive a fun printable game sheet for you and your family to play virtually.

Be sure to watch the delightful video below to see these amazing baby chicks in action!


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