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Old Punta Rassa – Part 2

The Tarpon House Inn in 1910; photo from Digital FGCU.

One of the last photos of the Tarpon House Inn in 1913; from Florida State Archives. 


More interesting info on Old Punta Rassa, this time from a 2016 News-Press article about “Pioneering Tourists” by Cynthia Williams:

On a blustery day in March of 1881, illustrator Walt McDougall was fishing with friends in the Gulf when the wind picked up.  They tied up at the nearest wharf and lumbered through sweeping rain into the barracks of old Fort Dulany at Punta Rassa, now a relay station for the International Ocean Cable Company.  The cable station manager was a stout, genial guy by the name of George Shultz, from Newark, New Jersey.

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