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One Crazy Storm


Andy summed it up best: “Eta is one crazy storm.”

After pummeling parts of Honduras, Nicaragua and other areas of Central America last week, Eta boomerang’d and headed toward Florida this past weekend.  It made a second landfall in the Florida Keys on Sunday night and its bands made for a very rainy couple of days here in Southwest Florida.

All indications were that it was headed away from our area, taking a northerly track toward the Florida Panhandle.

But it is 2020, after all.

Early yesterday morning, the storm’s track changed unexpectedly, trended farther east and unleashed a torrential deluge throughout the West Coast of Florida.

The center of the storm stayed offshore, but its winds paralleled our coastline.  Sanibel Island experienced heavy downpours, gusty winds and strong storm surge.  Significant flooding forced the Sanibel Causeway to open and close throughout the day, as the storm made its way up to the Tampa area.

Eta is the 28th storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which ties the 2005 season for the most storms on record.

We’ll dry out.  The sun will shine again.  But boy oh boy, we’re ready for 2020 to end!


2 thoughts on “One Crazy Storm

  1. We are right there with you – moping up the water and waiting for the sunshine to return!!! The southern part of Florida was battered on both sides of the state and we are ready to say Goodbye to Eta.
    We are anxious to see all of you next week and continue to pray that our state remains safe!!
    See you soon
    Jupiter Friends
    Penny, Faye and Andy

  2. Thanks for the update .. those of us who love SI and Oceans Reach appreciate being informed that all is ok

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