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Our Lucky Early Bird

We’ve heard that the Early Bird gets the worm, but a darn-close-to-a-Christmas-miracle collection of shells like this?  Simply amazing!

Longtime guest Julie P. from Troy, OH recently hit our Ocean’s Reach beach at 4:00 a.m. and came up with the most spectacular catch we’ve seen in quite some time!

Our mouths dropped when Julie came in to show us her haul of not one, but TWO Junonias, six Scotch Bonnets, a huge Shark Eye and loads of others.

So that presents an interesting dilemma for future guests:  Do you sleep in on your next vacation at Ocean’s Reach, or do you get up before the crack of dawn and try to become a lucky Early Bird like Julie?

As Julie commented to us, “I’ll sleep when I get home!”

One thought on “Our Lucky Early Bird

  1. The early bird……she knows when to get at them! How lovely and satisfying to find such treasures from the ocean! Congratulations Julie! How I envy you….enjoy every minute of your sunshine and beach excursions. merry Christmas to you on the Isle that owns my heart❤️

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