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Pickleball is Here!

Pickleball court

Be the first to try out our new pickleball court!  Freshly painted lines now outline a smaller pickleball court within our larger tennis court.  Two sports. One court!

Pickleball, invented in 1965, was named after “Pickles,” a dog belonging to one of the game’s co-founders who used to steal the ball while they were playing and run away with it.

Pickleball combines elements from badminton, table tennis and tennis.  The game is played on a badminton-sized court with hard paddles and a ball similar to, but smaller and harder than, a whiffle ball.  It can be played singles or doubles, and is very fast-paced.   The lower net and lightweight ball allow the game to be accessible to players of all ages and abilities, while still offering a challenge to more aggressive players.

Who will be first to play?  We guarantee a lot of fun!

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