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Raining Cats and Dogs


We need to let the cat out of the bag (and the dog, too) about two new unique establishments that opened earlier this year in Southwest Florida:

Cattyshack Cafe

No mochas or mimosas here, but you can order a meow-cha or a meow-mosa, and other cat-themed drinks while you read cat-themed books and hang around in a room full of cats.

Almost everything at Cattyshack Cafe has a kitty-cat spin, from cat-shaped food, to a cat-sized golf cart with a scratchable steering wheel, to even signs in the bathroom urging visitors to “Please Wash Your Paws.”

Thanks to a partnership with the Gulf Coast Humane Society, their cats are up for adoption, too.  The cafe, located in Gulf Coast Town Center, has already adopted out more than 500 cats!

Snouts and Strokes

And dog lovers have a place to go, as well.  Snouts and Strokes is a bar, an art gallery, and a whole lot more.  It’s tagline:  “Pet Pub, Portraits and Provisions.”

You can lounge about on comfy dog-themed furniture, order beer and wine, and buy paintings of dogs — or even commission a portrait of your own pet.

Dogs (and cats) are welcome, along with their humans.  There’s also yoga, live music and art classes planned, making this fun downtown Fort Myers spot undoubtedly a diamond in the ruff!


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