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Simply Shelltacular!


Thanks so much for sharing your truly shelltacular find, Lori!   As they say, after a storm the sun always shines … and the shells wash ashore!

For those who may not know, we had an extremely rare “meteotsunami” during your recent visit a couple of weeks ago.  (Not to be confused with a tsumani, a meteotsunami consists of large waves caused by air pressure disturbances and quick-moving storms, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.)  Water levels jumped by nearly a foot and had many beachgoers scurrying out of the way!

Fortunately, the storm was short-lived and resulted in a bonanza of shelling finds.  We’re so glad you were here to take advantage of it!


Greetings from chilly Minnesota!

We are back home after a week at Ocean’s Reach.  I wanted to share my super finds that happened in the wee hours near the end of our visit.  We were due to check out that morning, but I still decided to get up and go to the beach since a huge storm had occurred the day before.  I didn’t have time to wash and clean them and share them with the office that morning, because we needed to get packed and to the airport.  But attached are a couple of pictures of my amazing shell finds now that I have them home and cleaned up.

Wow!  The lightning whelk measures in at a whopping 11 inches long.  It is truly a beautiful shell.  My best shelling yet after years of coming to Sanibel!

No matter what the weather or shelling results though, I always love my week at Ocean’s Reach.

Thanks and hope to see you next year!

Lori O.
Winona, MN


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