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Known for many years as Babcock Wilderness Adventures, today’s Babcock Ranch Eco Tours is still one of Florida’s most unusual nature attractions, taking place on a 92,000-acre working ranch in the heart of Old Florida.

Here, adventure-seeking visitors can enjoy the uniqueness of a Swamp Buggy Tour in a specially built shaded buggy that carries them safely through four different Florida ecosystems:  native piney flatwoods, oak hammocks, a fresh water marsh and a cypress swamp.

Visitors see plenty of wildlife along the way, including wild alligators and hundreds of native birds.  The ranch is also home to white tailed deer, wild turkeys, American Eagles and Red Shouldered Hawks.  Expert guides enhance the experience with interesting commentary.

The working ranch is home to cows and bulls unique to the state known as Florida Cracker cattle.  There’s also a museum featuring Florida history, ranch operations and natural history artifacts.  Bring a picnic lunch or enjoy the family-friendly Gator Shack Restaurant, and of course, don’t forget to visit their gift shop for the perfect souvenir.

Babcock Ranch is located in Punta Gorda, about 45 miles northeast of Ocean’s Reach.  For more information on this authentic wilderness adventure, click here!


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