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Where does an Ocean’s Reach cap go?

… To Zurich on August 1st for Swiss National Day!

One of our longtime guests, Laura G., who travels to Ocean’s Reach each fall from Nyon, Switzerland, delighted us not only with the photo, but with a short history lesson as well:

Swiss National Day marks the founding of the confederation on August 1, 1291, when the first three cantons (which are basically like states) — Uri, Schwytz and Unterwald — made a pact to mutually help one another and free the area from european invaders, who were forcing the local population into paying huge taxes to entertain and fund foreign noblemen.

In the background of the photo, you can see the Limmatt River, along with the Frauenbad (a sunbathing area for women only, a Swiss institution since the beginning of the 20th century).

Laura reports that it’s now about 31c /90F in Zurich, which reminds her of Sanibel weather!

Thanks so much for keeping in touch, Laura! We look forward to seeing you and your mom again this fall!

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