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The Cape Romano Dome House

Photo from Only in Florida


While there are many different abandoned places throughout Florida that are worth exploring when you next get a chance to, this one might be considered among the most fascinating.

Built in 1981, you’ll find the abandoned Cape Romano Dome House off the southern tip of Marco Island.

The igloo-like concrete structure is comprised of a series of white dome structures set on stilts.  It’s hard to believe that people actually inhabited the dome house and called it home for many years.  Now, only nesting sea turtles and undersea wildlife seeking refuge inhabit the abandoned dome house.

It’s interesting to note that the dome house was not intended to be built in the water at all.  Due to the changing shoreline from various weather patterns and rising sea levels, the dome house eventually shifted location bringing it further out to sea.

See spectacular aerial drone views of the dome house here, thanks to YouTubers Southwest Florida Television.

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