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Major Renovation Underway at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Golf Club demo
Demolition of the tennis center at The Sanctuary; photo courtesy of The Sanctuary Golf Club.

The Sanctuary Golf Club began refreshing, renovating and rejuvenating the facilities in the late spring.

The club’s members enthusiastically agreed to redecorate the clubhouse, transform the outside dining venue, and build a 5,000-square-foot state-of-the-art fitness and wellness facility, the latter of which will include a 1,800-square-foot fitness equipment room, a 900-square-foot group exercise room, massage therapy center, locker rooms and a sports pool (laps, water aerobics and recreational swimming).

The redecoration and refreshing of the clubhouse interior will feature new furnishings, carpeting and color palette. The enhancement of the outdoor dining will include remodeling of the existing porch to maximize the view of the beautiful grounds.

The clubhouse should be completed by October, followed by the Wellness Center & Sports Pool in spring 2017.

For more information regarding membership at The Sanctuary Golf Club, call 1-239-322-5182.

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