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Guess Who Came to Town?

Even politicians crave the beauty and relaxation of Sanibel.

The island has been abuzz since Vice President Mike Pence and his wife arrived this past weekend for vacation, attending service Sunday morning at the Sanibel Community Church and enjoying dinner at the Timbers Restaurant that evening.

One lucky Ocean’s Reach guest dining at the same restaurant, Jason R from Springfield VA, received a personalized autograph that is sure to make him the envy of his friends when he returns back home!

News reports indicate that the Pences have been coming to Sanibel Island for several years, particularly during his tenure as the governor of Indiana. This time around, he arrived with a motorcade of at least a dozen or so large SUVs, an ambulance and several armed motorcycles. Vice President Pence left briefly on Monday to go back to Washington, DC, to watch Neil Gorsuch be sworn onto the U.S. Supreme Court.

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