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What a GREAT Idea!!

Now THIS is a great idea!

Longtime guest Don P. from Farmington Hills, MI, who returns to Ocean’s Reach each spring with his beautiful family, wrote to us recently:


“I don’t know if anyone else has done this, but we called a few relatives and friends, and had them get on their computers and look at the live beach cam on the Ocean’s Reach site.  We then walked out to the beach while talking to them on cell phones and waved to them from the beach.  We had fun doing it, and I think others would, also.”


One of his friends saved a screen shot of the family’s special “hello from Sanibel.”  (Regrettably, the photo got blurry when we blew it up for the blog, but you get the idea!)  Seen waving from left to right: Peggy, Don’s wife; Janet, their daughter; Claire, their granddaughter, and Don.

We LOVE this idea and hope more of our guests take advantage to make our Beach Cam theirs!



2 thoughts on “What a GREAT Idea!!

  1. Don did have a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing! The daily news from the SANIBEL blog always takes me there & I can hardly wait to get there again‼️

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