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Before and After


I have very poor internet and cell service where I am, but I wanted to try to send on another post-Hurricane Ian update for Ocean’s Reach.

We have accounted for all of our staff and everyone is safe.  Two colleagues who have remained on Sanibel will be evacuated today.

They will be leaving an island that is basically unrecognizable.

There are no words.  Our hearts continue to break, but we’re determined to do all we can to restore Sanibel to the beautiful sanctuary island it was and hopefully always will be.

In the meantime, I’ve learned that a special GoFundMe campaign has been started for the staff at Ocean’s Reach who live on the island.  If you’re interested – and we send our heartfelt appreciation in advance – click here.



7 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Thank you so much for the update! We have been worried sick about Sanibel and everyone there. Please keep us updated with any progress. I’m praying for you daily.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at Oceans Reach. We were not allowed to come for the last two years because of Covid restrictions, and missed it so much after 30+ years of visiting every year. Hopefully we will be back and glad everyone there is safe.

  3. So very glad your staff has all been accounted for and are safe. It is so gut-wrenching to see the devastation of our favorite vacation spot. God will prevail and the Island will be restored; we plan to visit again, someday. God be with you all and give you strength and endurance as you rebuild/restore such a beautiful and peaceful place on Earth. God bless you all!

  4. My heart just continues to ache. I discovered Oceans Reach last year after many years of staying on Sanibel. I had reservations again for this November. A couple places I have stayed are completely gone and I am so very sorry for the owners. I hope you will let me know when volunteers are able to enter and help with clean up as I want to help clean up my paradise here on earth. I love you Sanibel. Stay strong.

  5. Andy and staff,
    I cannot believe that my favorite vacation place for the last 20+ years is gone. My husband and I stayed at Ocean’s Reach for several years before he passed in 2004. Since that time, I’ve assembled my friends to come every year for a vacation (we called ourselves the “Sani-Belles”). Every year my heart would sing when crossing the causeway and arriving at your island. Each year included visits to Ding Darling, Shell Museum, CROW and our yearly cruise on “The Stars and Stripes” looking for dophins to “play” with us. And, of course a one day trip to Captiva. We enjoyed the good food at Gradma Dots, Lighthouse Cafe, Easy Over Cafe, Doc Fords and many more.The best part was the condo at Ocean’s Reach , walking the beach collecting shells, swimming in the pool and gulf . As I approach 80 years of age, I feel blessed to have spent 2022 at Ocean’s Reach. I will keep everyone in my prayers and hope that someday a very special part of paradise will stand again.

  6. Heartbroken! I have been coming to Sanibel island since I was in high school! I am now a “senior citizen”
    We have been visiting Oceans Reach since 1998. I am praying for all who call the island home!
    With Love and prayers
    The Sita Family

  7. So Sorry to hear the news as we saw Oceans reach after Charlie….The very best to you all as you take one day at a time.. God Bless, Greg and Kay Howell

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