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A Glue Gun and A ‘Gazillion’ Shells


“This is a story about a self-confessed hoarder, a CPA who at the age of 50, decided to do something different with her life.  So she became an artist, putting her collection of millions of seashells to use in gigantic mosaic artworks.”

So begins a delightful News-Press article by Cynthia Williams spotlighting local artist Ginny Dickinson, whose 7-foot tall x 5-foot wide In My Heart of Hearts sculpture makes its debut at this weekend’s 85th annual Shell Festival at The Sanibel Community House.

The article features fun tidbits about many of Ginny’s amazing creations — Click here for an enjoyable read!

2 thoughts on “A Glue Gun and A ‘Gazillion’ Shells

  1. I would love to see that picture 7′ x 5′ – somebody needs to go and take a picture!!!

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