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A Photographer’s Paradise: #1

A double rainbow arcs over the Sanibel Causeway. 

Photo by Britt Maxwell.


As often as he can, Britt Maxwell likes to head out two hours before sunset to walk the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. One day, the tide might leave ribbons of shells and seaweed on the beach; the next, glistening tidal pools surrounding a sandbar fifty feet out. Roseate spoonbills and other wading birds might swoop in for end-of-day feeding, plucking silver minnows from the shallows, as golfers play their final, seaside rounds. “You just never really know what you’re going to find,” he says.

Though Britt has lived and photographed in Fort Myers and Sanibel for over a decade, it never ceases to amaze him. “There’s just so much diversity to be found. Every location’s a little different, but still a little bit the same, and all easily accessible,” he says.

With sponsored content by The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, recently published what they called a “Visual Banquet” of the area, featuring photographs Britt captured while part of a Resident Artist Program in 2017. 

Today, when he’s not working at the popular restaurant The Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Britt is chasing end-of-day light. “Nothing can really put a damper on your evening watching the sunset—even getting caught in the rain just feels good—and for a few hours you have no worries,” he says. “I try to share those moments in my photography, to give people a little peace and an escape in their lives.”

Since so many of our guests at Ocean’s Reach love photographing our area, as well, we thought we would dedicate this week’s blogs to Britt’s amazing images and some of his photography tips for capturing the everchanging nature of the tropical paradise we call home.


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