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A Photographer’s Paradise: #4

A fisherman waits patiently in the shallows off Fort Myers Beach for hungry fish to bite. 

Day fades into night at the Fort Myers Beach Pier.

Sunset peaks through storm clouds. 

Looking at Fort Myers Beach from the end of the pier. 

Town Square in Fort Myers Beach.

All photos by Britt Maxwell.


From, with sponsored content from The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel:

Fort Myers Beach, which stretches for seven breathtaking miles along the Gulf and is home to many hotels and resorts, is as quiet or as lively as you want to make it. Every Friday and Saturday by the pier, a sunset celebration with live music and occasional fire twirlers takes place near a shopping and dining area known as Times Square. However, just by walking a short distance, you can find yourself alone to “enjoy the sunset and escape reality,” says Britt. Whether capturing the silhouettes of revelers on a warm summer evening, fishermen patiently minding their poles or dark clouds breaking above the pier after a rain storm, photographing Fort Myers Beach rarely disappoints.



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