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A Real “Pen Shell” Pen!


Now this is way, waaaay impressive!  Thanks so much for sharing, Jason!


We really enjoyed the recent article from Ocean’s Reach titled “A Sanibel Souvenir” about Brad S.’s beautiful pen display.

Like many of Ocean’s Reach guests and owners, it is exciting to find new and creative ways to display the beauty that can be found on the shores of Sanibel.

The irony of creating a pen shell pen was not lost on us. During our 2019 visit to Ocean’s Reach, we collected those tiny bits of pen shell washing up in the surf. When we returned home, we crafted them into our own pen shell pen (left) along with a few other treasures both found and purchased while on Sanibel (right).


Jason B. and Family 

Clinton Township, MI


2 thoughts on “A Real “Pen Shell” Pen!

  1. I LOVE your handmade pen shell pen! I have collected MANY Sanibel Island shells including pen shells. I would love to make some pens of my own. Where did you find the pen “frame” to insert and make your own pen? Hope you’re safe and healthy. Have a good day!

  2. Unfortunately these are cast in resin and turned on a woodworking lathing using a pen kit. However, it would be nice if there were kits to insert the shells into. It would make it a lot easier.

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