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Don’t Feed the Wildlife!

Did you know that the Florida Bobcat is able to take down prey animals eight times its own weight and also leap a distance of ten feet?

Those are just two of the reasons that we enthusiastically agreed with guest Jim G. from Edelstein, IL when he mentioned that he didn’t want to get “too close” when capturing this somewhat rare sighting of a bobcat here at Ocean’s Reach a few weeks ago.

Bobcats are stealthy animals and not often seen even though their numbers are abundant. Catching even a fleeting glimpse of this secretive and beautiful creature can be amazing!

And for those who may be curious, bobcats typically do not approach humans, but will do so if fed or taught to associate people with access to food.  (Another reminder to please not feed our local wildlife on your next visit to Sanibel Island … with the exception of Andy, of course!)

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