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In Praise of Shadows


From our friends at BIG ARTS:  

In a stressful and deeply challenging time, artist Ran Adler offers us a beautiful, peaceful and inspiring exhibit experience.

“In Praise of Shadows,” featuring his organic sculpture work, is on display in the Dunham Family Gallery through March 14.  You can also experience the show from the comfort of your own home by visiting, where you can take a virtual stroll through a high-definition 3D rendering of the gallery.  Along with the virtual gallery, there is a video artist talk in which Adler discusses the exhibit, his inspiration and his artistic method.

Ran Adler is an exciting local artist who is described as an assemblage artist, utilizing natural materials and other elements of nature to create sculptural compositions.  In his practice of assemblage, Adler is always looking to create shadows that will speak to the gallery space.  The shadows the pieces cast through natural and artificial light take the story beyond the art itself to create visual inspiration for the imagination.

To view how this unique artist transforms the BIG ARTS gallery into a stunning storytelling space, click here!

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