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Pedal Power: 43,304 Miles and Counting!

From Denise and Frank Coyne (Andy’s Irish neighbors! ):

No, we were not born on Sanibel but we got there as soon as possible. And once here, we decided to return every year for more than 30 years. As a lot of you know, biking is our hobby while we are here on the island.

Once again this year, we had decided to have a more relaxing holiday here, but I think we have surpassed ourselves on the bike mileage again.

We have not missed a breakfast in the Lighthouse Cafe any morning since we arrived on May 4. Then, coffee at 11 a.m . in the Love Boat, which also, may I say, has some great ice creams. Where would we be without Finnimore’s? Possibly still at home in Ireland. When we arrive, our bikes are waiting for us at our house, ready to go, with the odometer zeroed. Thanks to Kevin for looking after us so well for many years.

Another favorite pastime of ours is eating delicious mangos. Thanks again Lee Ellen and Andy and Merle (who we miss so much) for all the wonderful mangos.

We are looking forward to trying to get our friends Kevin and Jewel to visit us in Ireland. We also are looking forward to having Stan and Melinda visit us again this year in September and join us at our music festivities in West Cork, which they did also last year. These are just some of the very good friends we have made during our many years on Sanibel Island.

To date, we have 3,092 miles on the odometer and still have a little over two weeks left. From the time we began recording our mileage in 2003, we have 43,304 miles done (and that, for a piece of useless information, is about 1.73 times the equatorial circumference). We will be sorry to leave Sanibel, but it may give some of you residents a rest from us, ringing the bike bell as we pass you by on the bike paths. Will be looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

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