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Virtual Vacay: #5

Photo from Mote Marine Aquarium


Sure, you’re thinking that you “otter” be here at Ocean’s Reach — and we couldn’t agree more — but until it’s safe to do so, we thought we’d send a few last virtual vacation ideas your way.

Southwest Florida is all about connecting with nature and wildlife, and there are a number of delightful “digital” ways in which to do so!

At the Mote Marine Aquarium, they have launched an Ottercam — a live stream that features three of their fan-favorite river otters: Jane, Pippi and Huck.

In addition to their impressive #DingAtHome program featured previously on our blog, our friends over at Ding Darling Wildlife Society are also pleased to bring you a “Daily Dose of Ding” through their Facebook page.  Check out their video posts each afternoon for 30-second videos of the Refuge’s wildlife and calming beauty.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has a comprehensive Virtual Learning program online, focusing on content for teachers, students, and families to learn about the importance of our Southwest Florida ecosystems.  Fun features include Location Exploration, Little Explorers at Home, and — our favorite — Daily Discoveries where their animal care team brings you a behind-the-scenes look at their Nature Center.

The team at CROW (the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) have webcams set up to allow you to visit various animal enclosures, along with several for their animal ambassadors:  Mina, the Great Horned Owl; Talon, the Red-tailed Hawk, and Billy, the Nine-banded Armadillo.

Lastly, the crew over at the Sanibel Sea School are keeping kids engaged with their unique Nature Near You program.  Also previously covered on our blog in more detail, the program includes hands-on, experiential education designed to highlight fun new ways to explore your own backyard, wherever that may be!



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