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Wildlife Lovers’ Paradise

Photo of Virginia opossum being treated at CROW by Sam Pazzano of the Toronto Sun


A recent article in the “Toronto Sun” showcased our friends at C.R.O.W.  It started:

“If you want to embrace wildlife as the locals do, you’ve come to the ideal spot on this southwestern Florida island.

Locals save wounded wildlife from owls to raccoons, scooping them up and delivering them to CROW — Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife — where a fully equipped veterinarian hospital treats them. And the clinic couldn’t exist without 50,000 hours of volunteers’ aid.

Nothing replaces the thrill of the real outdoors where you never know if, or when, you’ll see wildlife, whether it’s a pelican or an alligator.

You can take a boat cruise and watch dolphins or manatees swimming off nearby Captiva Island as the captain steers the boat in circles and exhorts the passengers to make some noise.

‘This will attract the dolphins,’ he predicts. His advice works. Dolphins soon bob and weave around the white foamy waves.

Sanibel has maintained its lush forests and wildlife because 3,200 of its 4,800 hectares are protected. No developers will tear it up for condos or hotels. This ensures a huge safe haven for wildlife. No high rises, no Trump towers here.

Injured wildlife aren’t left to die — instead, CROW comes to their rescue.”

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