Shelling Sisters

shelling sisters

It’s so nice to have a shelling sister!  These young (and extra sweet) guests from the Spehar family in Illinois wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shelling together doubles the smiles and doubles the shells to take home.

Who is your favorite shelling partner?  » Read more

Sanibel Street Cams

Sanibel welcome sign


More “Sanibel Street-Cams” are now up and running, providing residents and visitors with new ways to learn of traffic conditions at the intersection of Periwinkle Way and Tarpon Bay Road, the intersection of Periwinkle Way and Casa Ybel, and Span C of the Sanibel Causeway.

Click here to view the City of Sanibel’s “Street-Cams,” which are funded through beach parking revenue. According to City Hall,  » Read more

Mango Harvest

Andy's mango harvest


Guess who’s delighting both guests and staff with these amazingly scrumptious mangoes?

Andy’s front yard mango tree is now yielding more than 200 of the juicy and nutritious fruits. The tree was all abloom in April and now, three months later, we’re enjoying the harvest of these beauties which are bursting with flavor.

When harvesting mangoes, you first want to give the fruit a slight tug.  » Read more

Opening Soon!

Doc Ford's renovations

It’s beginning to look a lot like Doc Ford’s … only better, bigger, newer, and best of all — closer to Ocean’s Reach!

Our fall guests who like Caribbean tropical flavors can start whetting their appetite now!  Just close your eyes and you can almost taste the scintillating Island Mojitos and delicious Yucatan Shrimp Tacos.

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille plans to open its new Island Inn Road location (across from Bailey’s Center) in September.  » Read more

A Colorful “Fourth” at Ocean’s Reach

4th of July 1

4th of July 2

It was yet another colorful “Fourth of July” here at Ocean’s Reach!

From colorful umbrellas lining our beautiful shoreline … to colorful personalities from some of our favorite guests of the year … it was a fun, relaxing summer holiday for all!

Guests flocked to the beach after enjoying the island’s traditional Independence Day parade, road rally, picnics, and other family-oriented events.  » Read more

Water Quality Update

sanibel beaches 1

sanibel beaches 2

sanibel beaches 3

sanibel beaches 4

sanibel beaches 5

Recent national news reports have implied that Sanibel beaches are experiencing the same type of “guacamole” green algae conditions that are overwhelming some beach areas on Florida’s East Coast.

While our hearts — and frustration levels — go out to our east coast brethren, we wanted to assure you that the waters off the coast of Ocean’s Reach have been declared safe for swimming by the Florida Department of Health.  » Read more

A Stretch of Solitude

Bowman's Beach 2

There’s a private stretch of sand not far away, with nary a soul in sight and where you can sometimes have the shoreline all to yourself.

Savor nature’s grandeur and embrace the solitude from the western pathways of Bowman’s Beach.  » Read more

Dunes Golf Course Renovation Update

Dunes renovation

The Dunes Golf & Tennis Club
2016 Greens and Bunker Renovation

Renovation Update:

The 2016 Greens and Bunker renovation is in full swing. All nine greens on the front have been cleared of grass! Here are a few photos to keep everyone in the loop:

Dunes green #4Stripping the original putting surface from #4 Green.

Dunes renovationClose up of the action.  » Read more

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