A Christmas Carol


If you’ve yet to catch this year’s holiday show at the BIG ARTS Strauss Theater, do so soon! The talented cast of six actors have received rave reviews for bringing the story of “A Christmas Carol” to life. The production, portrayed through the eyes of a child, provides for an enchanting show for the entire family to enjoy.

“The opening of the show is a little boy in his bedroom.  » Read more

Your January Escape!


Throughout the year, we come up with special offers to make a visit to your favorite beach destination simply irresistible!

Escape the “white stuff” up north and head to Ocean’s Reach, where the only white stuff you’ll see is our endless sugar-sand beach. For a limited time only, a handful of dates in January are now up to 20% off!

What better gift to give yourself during the brutally cold winter than to come where the sun is always shining and our gulf waters are always shimmering.  » Read more

So Cute!


Where else will you see such a sweet sighting of a mama and her baby
turtles? At “Ding” Darling’s Bailey Tract, of course! A wildlife adventure awaits the hiker and bicyclist traversing softly worn trails that meander ponds, marshes and an unspoiled preserve. It’s a nature lover’s delight and easily accessible off Tarpon Bay

We thank our guest, Ann E., for delighting us with this picture of a mama’s
pride and joy.  » Read more

Hooked on the Historical Village


What an endeavor!

Sanibel Historical Village volunteer Barbara Broadhurst recently donated a hand-hooked rug to the village for display. The rug, measuring approximately 4-feet-6-inches by seven-feet, represents more than 500 hours of labor and $1,000 in material. It depicts the village’s buildings with complete accuracy, with the buildings’ names hooked in the border.

The village rug was on Broadhurst’s mind for a couple of years;  » Read more

Tarpon Bay Explorers Looking Forward to Season


Our friends over at Tarpon Bay Explorers, the official concession to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, are excited for Sanibel Island’s “season” to begin.

Though challenges lay ahead with neighboring construction next year, Tarpon Bay Explorers will remain open throughout the course of the building of SCCF’s new Marine Lab on site.

“All of our tours and rentals will operate as normal as any other season,”  » Read more

A Christmas Lighthouse


This charming replica of the Sanibel Lighthouse lights up the home and hearts of Andy’s relatives during the Christmas season. A family favorite for almost 10 years, the decorative centerpiece is also a collector’s item, making it even more sentimental. Approximately 20” x 18” high, it is a near-perfect model of the historic lighthouse located at the east end of Sanibel Island.

Perhaps the most photographed structure on Sanibel,  » Read more

Sharing a Favorite Photo


Thanks to the Pittman Family for the lovely photo they are sharing with us!

Just wanted to share a photo of one of my favorite times on the beach. We have come
down every June for the past 10 years and we love, love, love Sanibel!!!

The Pittman family  » Read more

Join the Flock!


White Ibis will surprise you with their unusual meetup locations throughout Sanibel —sidewalks, lawns, parking lots and even Ocean’s Reach!

Our location provides ample feeding and wading opportunities for many species of “long-legged waders” where they are abundant, year-round residents. There is no better place to observe, study and photograph these graceful, beautiful birds than our beach, pond and wetlands.  » Read more

A Dance for Two


This post was published by mistake on Friday with the wrong photo. Our sincere apologies to Frank M. and to all of our followers.

Look at the cute sight one of our favorite long-time guests — Frank M. from Groton Point, CT — caught during his last visit: two Pileated Woodpeckers dancing around Ocean’s Reach!

The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the biggest, most striking forest birds on the continent.  » Read more

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