Get a Load of Those Wings!


What a beautiful shot of a Tricolored heron captured by Anita L Davis-Crumbley‎ from the Florida Nature Lovers Group on Facebook.

Did you know? 

  • Tricolored herons were called Louisiana herons until 1957.
  • Their average wingspan is 36 inches.
  • They can live to be more than 17 years old.
  • When stalking prey, the Tricolored heron will wade out deeper in the water than any other heron.
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New Sea Turtle Sighting App

Photo from Sanibel Sea School


It’s your chance to become an SCCF Citizen Scientist!

The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation has unveiled a new Sea Turtle Sighting App designed for reporting in-water sightings of healthy sea turtles.

It’s intended for use by boaters, captains and others who spot sea turtles in the waters around our region, especially now as nesting is underway.  » Read more

I Spy a Shark Eye


Longtime guest Cathy S. from Schererville, IN had some great finds on her most recent visit to Ocean’s Reach, but perhaps our favorite was the ever-fascinating Shark Eye.

The shark eye, Neverita duplocatus, is in the family of predatory marine mollusks known as the Naticidae, or moon snails.  Close to three hundred species of these snails are found around the world.  » Read more

The Value of Outdoor Education


Not every classroom has four walls.  

At J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, educational opportunities are almost endless.  You can even incorporate the latest smart phone technology into your summer nature learning explorations!

For instance, geo-caching is one way to engage your kids with electronics in the great outdoors.  Our friends at Ding Darling offer an Earth-Cache that you can find at » Read more

Random Acts of Greenness


These past months during the pandemic have seen a sharp rise in takeout food from restaurants and other outlets.  From an environmental standpoint, this has amounted to thousands of tons of waste, much of it plastic or foam products.

Lighten your load on the universe by requesting restaurants to “hold the plastic utensils” when you’re taking your food home to eat (or bring your own cutlery along).  » Read more

A Growing Catalog


Think of Shellcast as a beach break for your ears!  The podcast, produced by our local tourism bureau, gives listeners a chance to soak up some virtual sun and learn more about our slice of paradise.

Listeners from around in the world have tuned in to experience the sounds of our destination’s beaches, nature and interviews with local experts.

And the Shellcast catalog continues to grow!   » Read more

Ocean Tribe Paddlers


From the Island Reporter:

Through monthly paddling meet-ups on our local waters, Ocean Tribe Paddlers club members gather on paddleboards and kayaks to enjoy the ocean together. Paddling in San Carlos Bay, mangrove bayou at Bowman’s Beach and through the winding Sanibel canals, paddlers set out each month to experience the local wildlife the island has to offer.

Over the last two years,  » Read more

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