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Facebook Faves: #4


When we asked for photos representing “best memories” of Ocean’s Reach, we think Facebook friend and longtime guest Karla M. from Pacific, MO nailed it!

She posted this wonderful photo, writing simply:

“Building sandcastles with Papa.”

More sandcastles await this December, Karla — As always, we can’t wait to welcome you and your family back to Sanibel!  » Read more

Facebook Faves: #3


Many thanks to Facebook friend and “Top Fan” Mark W. from Chesapeake, VA who sent along this sizzling photo, writing:

“After a day of shelling and swimming, what’s better than sitting in front of Ocean’s Reach watching the sunset?”

We agree wholeheartedly, Mark — Can’t wait to welcome you and Karen back in April!

   » Read more

Facebook Faves: #2


Anyone who visits us for the Independence Day holiday knows “The Georgia Crew”!

Many thanks to Pam H. from Brunswick, GA, who sent this awesome photo, writing:

“When I think of Ocean’s Reach, I think of family vacation. My family has been coming to Ocean’s Reach for 42 years. I have a lot of wonderful memories to choose from,  » Read more

Zipping Right Along


So we’re gonna file this one under “Social Distancing while getting your Adrenaline Fix”!

For those looking for a fun day trip which involves getting your blood pumping a bit, consider “Forever Florida” in St. Cloud, a little more than a three-hour drive from Ocean’s Reach.

Not only can you enjoy a day surrounded by nature, but you can do so speeding along a 1,300-foot long zip line roller coaster,  » Read more

Dinner Anyone?

Photo from 


Who needs a fork and knife?  Surprisingly, dolphins in Australia have been spotted trapping their food in huge conch shells!

The dolphins use their beaks to bring the shells to the surface and then shake the fish into their mouths, sort of how we humans snatch the last few potato chips in a bag.

What’s even more surprising is how dolphins tend to learn how to do this.  » Read more

Shelluting Our Heroes!



Sanibel Shells, a local Facebook group with the mission to share happiness and love for shells through the simple gesture of painting shells and then hiding them on Sanibel and Captiva for others to find, recently gifted hand-painted seashells with “thank you” messages to our local health care heroes working hard on the front lines at Lee Health.

The “Sanibel Shells”  » Read more

Atmospheric Wonders


Even more strikingly colorful Sanibel sunsets may soon be on their way!

A layer of Saharan dust is currently continuing its nearly 5,000-mile trek westward from the coast of Africa.

While it is common for Saharan dust to move across the Atlantic Ocean several times each year, experts are describing this particular plume of atmospheric dust particles as “unusually large in both size and density.”  » Read more

“Best Memories” Facebook Winner!


For those of you who have been following our Facebook Photo Contest, we’re delighted to share the winning entry with you!

Guest Robyn W. from Mansfield, TX submitted this grin-worthy photo along with a smack-dab-perfect description of why Ocean’s Reach is the perfect place to create some of your best memories:

Spending time unplugged with your family and just being in the moment.  » Read more

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