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Where Do They Go?

Photo by Shane Antalic


Sea turtle nesting on Sanibel and Captiva Islands has dramatically increased over the past six decades, thanks to local conservation efforts to help care and protect Southwest Florida’s coastal ecosystems.

Here’s some fun info from our friends at Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF):

27,743 sea turtle hatchlings have emerged on Sanibel and Captiva since April.  Ever wonder where they go once hitting the tide?  » Read more

Finding Love Again


The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is back, and with it, the chance for love to possibly bloom again.

The webcam became a phenomenon when it was first installed back in 2012, allowing viewers from all over the world to regularly watch the daily activities of bald eagles “Ozzie” and “Harriet” in North Fort Myers.

The eagles quickly became Southwest Florida’s most famous feathered celebrities,  » Read more

Commemorating the Anniversary


It will soon be the one-year anniversary of when Hurricane Ian made landfall, changing the landscape of Sanibel Island as we knew it.

One year of incredible hardship, exhausting clean up work and frustrating red tape.  But it has also been one year of exceptional kindness, empathy and compassion, especially from the Ocean’s Reach guests we miss so dearly.

As we have communicated,  » Read more

Regrouping and Reinventing


Businesses all over Southwest Florida continue to regroup and reinvent for the future!

This week it was announced that the owners of Island Cow and Mad Hatter are teaming up to open Wickie’s Lighthouse Restaurant and The Magic Bus Ice Cream & Caffeine.

Sanibel visitors may recall the charming, award-winning Mad Hatter, which sat off of Blind Pass,  » Read more

Shelter from the Storm


Our thoughts are with our fellow Floridians as they begin the grueling recovery process in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

We are grateful that Sanibel Island fared relatively well.  Idalia left her mark with some minor flooding, a little debris, and … flamingos?

Yes, flamingos!

A flamboyance — the technical word for a group of flamingos — of American flamingos was seen hanging out on the Sanibel Causeway the day after the storm,  » Read more

Picking Up The Pace!


Today marks the 11-month anniversary of when Hurricane Ian changed the lives of those on Sanibel Island forever.  The size and scope of the storm were unprecedented.  With 155 mph winds and up to a 12-foot storm surge, the island was left unrecognizable.

It has been a long road back — filled with an extensive list of hurdles from insurance companies,  » Read more

Coastal Watch


Count our friends at the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation among some of our favorite heroes!  Since their conception more than 50 years ago, they’ve been at the forefront of every important environmental initiative for our islands, helping to protect wildlife, restore native habitats, monitor water quality and advocate for our ecosystems.

One part of the SCCF family, Coastal Watch, promotes healthier, greener ways of interacting with our coastal environment through volunteer grassroots efforts —  » Read more

Strength, Compassion and Hope

Photo by Ocean’s Reach guest Nicky Vincent


Our hearts go out to all those affected by the recent devastating wildfires on Maui.  It can be difficult to comprehend both how much was lost, as well as the grief and anguish left behind from such an unprecedented disaster. 

As the Sanibel Island community and our own Ocean’s Reach “ohana”  » Read more

Our New Ambassadors

Wallace and Gromit; photo by CROW


At the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, there’s a bunch of wonderful folks who truly give a hoot about our wildlife.

In fact, CROW welcomed two new Animal Ambassadors this week:  Eastern screech owls Wallace and Gromit.

Both animals have been deemed non-releasable due to the injuries they sustained,  » Read more

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