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Next up for the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) weekly Virtual Speaker Series is “Living with Burrowing Owls” on Tuesday, February 9 at 4:00pm.

The session will be hosted by Beverly Saltonstall, a 20-year charter member of the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife, a group of dedicated volunteers who advocate for the Burrowing Owls and other wildlife of Cape Coral, a neighboring town about 15 miles northeast of Sanibel Island.  » Read more

The Beach is For Lovers

Photo from The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel


We may be a bit biased, but when it comes to romance, we think Sanibel Island offers everything you need for a perfect Valentine’s Day getaway.

With spectacular sunsets, ideal weather, and white-sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, our locale is just about as romantic as it gets!  » Read more

Off to the Super Bowl


From the Fort Myers News-Press:

A Southwest Florida horse has scored a trip to the Super Bowl!

Maverick, a rescued racehorse with a heartwarming track-to-trail backstory, will be part of the mounted police working security detail outside of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on the big day, along with Cpl. Aaron Eubanks of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office who adopted the 17 hands tall (5.8 feet),  » Read more

Ode to Joy


“We need more joy in the world.”

Arthur Warner, a 75-year-old Sanibel Island resident, walks a two-hour route nearly every day waving a big red ‘JOY’ sign for all to see.

His personal “ode to joy” was featured in the Fort Myers News-Press, where he talked about the impact his sign waving has had over the years.

The article was recently updated on a bittersweet note to also include the joyful blessings he’s been contemplating during his recuperation from COVID.  » Read more

The Ideal Winter Escape

Photo by Phil Carter


We wanted to share a great little article about Sanibel Island entitled “The Laid-Back ‘Anti-Florida’ is the Ideal Winter Island Escape.”  Written by Jay Gentile and published in The Thrillist, it elaborates on why the writer thinks Sanibel Island is where Florida achieves its full potential.

It starts:

I love my family. But every now and then,  » Read more

To the Rescue!


It was just another ordinary day.  You know the type, when a bobcat happens to get its head trapped inside a birdhouse in your front yard.

A Fort Myers homeowner found a male juvenile bobcat in their front yard with one of their wood nesting bird boxes on its head. The homeowner contacted CROW and soon after, a team of veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators arrived to help.  » Read more

2021 “Ding” Darling Lecture Series

Clyde and Niki Butcher


The 17th annual “Ding” Darling Friday Lecture Series is evolving with the times.  To incorporate social distancing protocols, the lecture series will move to a larger venue this year — the Sanibel Community House — and host a total of five lectures by acclaimed nature lovers.

Running January 29 to March 19, the series will feature photographers Clyde and Niki Butcher,  » Read more

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