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Take a Listen!


If you’re a fan of podcasts, we have one you’ll want to add to your list!

Starting today, Shellcast will give listeners a chance to soak up some virtual sun and hear what makes Southwest Florida so special.  A brainchild of our local tourism bureau, the podcast is designed to bring a slice of SW FL to people all over the world.

“I’m a big fan of podcasts and can’t wait for everyone to give Shellcast a listen,” said Tamara Pigott,  » Read more

“Create, Inspire, Connect”


BIG ARTS is moving full steam ahead with their 2021 Season themed “Create, Inspire, Connect,” in keeping with their mission to “create great arts, entertainment, learning and experiences that always inspire, enrich and delight.”

They look forward to welcoming you to Christensen Hall — their incredibly stunning new performance hall — to experience some of America’s greatest artists, from beautiful classical works by renowned virtuosos,  » Read more

Oh, Baby!


Did you know …

Sunscreen was originally patented by Floridian Benjamin Green in 1944 to protect WWII airmen from intense sun exposure in the Pacific.  His sticky red goo (a mixture of cocoa butter and red veterinary petroleum) eventually became Coppertone!  » Read more

How to Count 64,000 Turtles

Photo found on Pinterest


On Sanibel Island, Mother Nature frequently takes our breath away.  Turns out she does the same halfway around the world, too.

In Australia, recent drone footage captured images of 64,000 green turtles coming ashore in Far North Queensland to lay eggs.

The green sea turtles are shown coming ashore on Raine Island,  » Read more

Sea Turtles Dig the Dark!

Lisa showing off our new “Sea Turtle Friendly” certification!


Ocean’s Reach guests know that we are dedicated when it comes to protecting our island’s sea turtles.  We’ve just taken another big step forward to continue to be at the forefront when it comes to conservation efforts.

Working with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, we have just completed retrofitting more than 40 lights around the property to reduce the negative impact of lights on sea turtles.  » Read more

A Little Man Who Lived a Big Life


Many thanks to our friends at the Santiva Chronicle for this delightful article by Barbara Joy Cooley:

The beautiful place on Sanibel Island called Dinkins Bayou is named for a little man who lived a big life.

Josiah Jackson Dinkins was born in 1849 and grew up in the “Magnolia Midlands” region, in Tattnall County, Georgia, the son of Martha and Joshia Jenkins.  » Read more

Congratulations Class of 2020!


As we all know, lockdown restrictions this year have prevented the congratulatory ceremonies that our high school and college graduates so richly deserve.

While many have enjoyed virtual graduations, some students in Florida were treated to a “cool” adrenaline-filled ceremony that will no doubt prove unforgettable.  The young graduates from Somerset Island Prep charter high school in Key West recently collected their diplomas on jet skis!  » Read more

CROW Visitation Back Open!


The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) AWC Visitor Education Center re-opens to the public today after being closed for two months amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of new safety measures are being implemented to protect visitors, staff and the Animal Ambassadors featured in the Visitor Center. Detailed information can be found here.  Note that all staff and visitors will be required to wear face masks.  » Read more

A Taste of Paradise


We have to agree with “The Points Guy” who recently published the following on the very popular travel site:

Every state lays claim to certain culinary specialties, and Florida is no different. If your mind goes straight to Southern comfort foods like barbecued meat, grits, fried fritters and Key lime pie, you have your pulse on the foods locals love to make at home and order when dining out.  » Read more

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