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Honoring Henry Ford

Photo of Henry Ford inspecting his V-8 engine prototype.


To honor Henry Ford, the automobile icon, the Edison and Ford Winter Estates will celebrate his 156th birthday on Tuesday, July 30. The day will start off with a free presentation about Ford at 11:30 a.m. on the museum porch (regular admission prices apply to tours of the homes, museum and lab). Cookies and lemonade will be served.  » Read more

A Treasure Hunter’s Dream

Photo by Beth Stephenson, “Daily Herald”


A recent article written by Beth Stephenson from the “Daily Herald” out of Provo, UT, begins:

I have a corner of my heart for treasure hunting.

While the family may be fishing or floating on a cold mountain stream, they’re likely to catch me digging around in the sand, looking for gems or gold or anything else.  » Read more



Like we needed another reason to love pasta?

We loved hearing that one of our favorite island spots, Joey’s Custard, has started using pasta straws, instead of paper and plastic, to help reduce the use of plastic on the island.

They call it eco-pasta. It was created by Sammy Ramirez, who came up with the idea because he says he says he’s been a huge supporter of the single use plastic straw ban after seeing the damage and mess it’s left on the beach.  » Read more

Cloud Leopard Cuties

Photo from the Naples Zoo


We’d like to tip our hats to the crew over at the Naples Zoo as we begin National Zookeepers Week.  This year’s celebration will be extra special as 2019 represents their 100th year as a botanical garden and 50th year as a zoo.

2019 is also the year that two endangered cloud leopards were born at the facility in late February.   » Read more

One-Eyed Wonder


The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel reported the recent release of a one-eyed great horned owl in Bokeelia, after it suffered an injury to its right eye and had it surgically removed.

The owl was admitted to the wildlife hospital on July 5 after it was found sitting under a tree and not moving for several hours near Bokeelia on Pine Island.   » Read more

Reconnect with Nature

Photo from The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel


Our area was recently featured in Discover Magazine, better known to its readers as “Science for the Curious.”  The article starts:

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for good reason. Sun-filled days, mild nights, and people with happy dispositions make it a favorite destination for families looking for enriching travel experiences.  » Read more

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