… And Then This Happened


Received this great photo from longtime guests Kim and Robert Y. from Cincinnati, OH, with a note saying:

“We said we weren’t going to bring home any more shells … and then this happened.  

Robert found the vast majority right outside of Ocean’s Reach, digging in thigh high water.  Digging is the key apparently.  So much fun!”    » Read more

Magnificent Magnetite


As you may know, a sea turtle has an excellent sense of direction.

Fun fact!  There is an element in their brain, called magnetite, that allows them to imprint and track specific magnetic fields all around the world — kind of like an internal GPS.  They use that out in the ocean to track their food sources and guide themselves back to their original natal beach for mating and nesting.  » Read more

Simply Colorful


We ran across a nice article from The News-Herald in Willoughby, Ohio, with the headline: “Fort Myers’ Edison and Ford Winter Estates captivate with colorful gardens and history.”

The story, written by Janet Podolak, begins:

“Gardens are a big draw for me wherever I am. This time of year, when everything seems to burst into colorful bloom transforming the gray winter landscapes,  » Read more

World Sea Turtle Day

Photo from MarineBio.org


For our nature enthusiasts out there, remember that today is World Sea Turtle Day!

Since the year 2000, World Sea Turtle Day has been commemorated on the birthday of Dr. Archie Carr, who is widely known as “the father of sea turtle biology.”

Dr. Carr (1909 – 1987) focused his entire career on sea turtle research and conservation.  » Read more

“Fourth of July” on Sanibel


After a two-year pandemic pause, Sanibel is ready to celebrate our nation’s birthday once again this year!

All of our popular Independence Day events are coming back, including our quintessential hometown parade, road rally, fireworks and more.

The perfect “Fourth of July on Sanibel” itinerary?

Bring your appetite to the free pancake breakfast at the Sanibel Community Church (1740 Periwinkle Way) to be held 7:00 –  » Read more

Our Industrial Designer!


When our owners come to visit, we’re not surprised when they roll up their sleeves and go to work upgrading their units.  Case in point, owners Bruno and Mary P. from Lisle, IL when they recently came down for a nice two-week spring visit.

The family left us a list of improvements they made while they were here, including close to a dozen new enhancements for their unit 4D3.  » Read more

Up to the Challenge?


The new Fort Myers Discovery Challenge app gives visitors a fun way to discover the arts and cultural attractions that make our islands, beaches and neighborhoods naturally unique.

The free mobile challenge app, launched by our local tourism bureau, includes about 100 Lee County attractions, some offering discounts on admission and exclusive deals to challenge participants, plus the opportunity to earn points toward a variety of prizes.  » Read more

Facing Extinction


The Florida horse conch population – one of the world’s largest invertebrate animals – is shrinking.

Established in 1969 as the Florida State Shell, it has become symbolic of Florida’s natural resources, yet unregulated commercial harvesting and recreational live collection are pushing populations closer to collapse.

Data from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation shows that there has been a steady population decline since the mid-1990s.   » Read more

A Homage to a Classic


If you could really use some laughs, head over to the Lab Theater for their hilarious parody of one of the most famous movie thrillers ever.  “The Birds: A Parody” takes on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” with all sorts of zaniness, along with a fair share of raunchy humor.

If that’s not enough, the show hopes to break a Guinness world record for the most birds — in the form of marshmallow candy Peeps — in one theatrical production.  » Read more

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